Episode 6: Dan has a man crush


  • Apparently Cipollini is aspiring for a comeback. We think it’s because he misses his youth. Also, Anna still does not want to sleep with him. And if you suggest it to her, she will punch you. (CyclingNews article) (0:20)
  • The breakaway league that’s not really a breakaway league. (CyclingNews article) Anna attempts to explain it, but perhaps fails miserably. (2:42)
  • Amgen Tour of California bigs itself up again by claiming to have assembled the “most prestigious field of talent ever.” This is not the way to make Europe love you, AToC. (VeloNation article) (7:05)
    • And apparently the quasi development team of Radioshack, Bontranger Livestrong, has some of that talent, as it was chosen over other awesome US teams (such as Team Type 1 or Jelly Belly or Jamis-Sutter Homes….). Conspiracy? Cronism? Indeed. (VeloNation article)
    • Great article explaining the intricacies of the problem by UCI Overlord on Cyclismas.


  • Paris-Nice: Levi crashes a lot, LL Cool Sanchez dares beat Jens, Wiggins may or may not win the Tour now. (18:40)
  • Terrino-Adriatico: Unrest in the Liquigas camp! But Anna will always be loyal to Nibbles. Riders get shit for pulling out early, even though it’s not a new thing. (31:20)
  • Milan-Sanremo: Anna actually talks strategy, but still won’t predict a winner (38:05)

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