Episode 7: Boonen Bonanza!

After life got in the way of our podcast last week, we had a ton of racing to catch up on! Milan-Sanremo, E3, Gent Wevelgem, 3 Days of De Panne… Plus there was Boonen to moon over.


  • (1:40) Apparently Trek-Livestrong (now Bontrager-Livestrong) and Chipotle Development were denied invitations to ATOC last year as well, based on having the same paying agent- but Trek-Livestrong was the only team to fix up the management issue so it could ride again this year… (CyclingNews article)
  • (5:55) Wiggins and Cav will be making their debut together at the Tour of Romandie, not the Tour de France like everyone assumed (CyclingNews article)
  • (10:20) Brailsforth says it’s unrealistic to achieve yellow, green and Olympic gold for Cav and Wiggins, but of course Cav disagrees. (VeloNation article 1, article 2)


  • (18:00) A week late, but definitely not a dollar short, Milan-Sanremo
    • Should the rainbow jersey wearer always be an all-arounder?
    • Should Sky have given EBH more support? Is Sky wasting EBH’s talent? Or is EBH wasting his?
    • What does it even mean, “the strongest rider should win?” Did the strongest rider win?
    • If the race ends in a bunch sprint, is it really a race at all??
    • All these questions, AND MORE answered in this segment.
  • (36:05) Daniel talks about E3 Prijs Harelbeke, because Anna didn’t watch it.
  • (39:30) Gent-Wevelgem
    • Can’t all sprints be described as chaotic?? Anna thinks so.
    • Fabian’s a bit of a one trick pony
    • Is 2012 Boonen the 2011 Gilbert?? Time will tell…
  • (51:30) Briefly, Criterium International and 3 Days of De Panne

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  1. Hello!

    On a quick point of order, although I’m sure Mr. Gilbert would love to win De Ronde, it’s worth pointing out, perhaps, that he’s shown more of an affinity for the Ardennes classics, as I recall (their monument being Liege-Bastogne-Liege, of course). Memorably, in 2011, Gilbert became only the seventh rider in history to win both Fleche, and Liege-Bastogne-Liege.

    Whether De Ronde, as a classic taking place in Flanders, is the superbowl for “Belgians” might be debatable, given the division in the country between Flemings and Walloons (which is taken with varying degrees of seriousness by the inhabitants). I’ve been to places in Flanders where people would rather speak English than French to me – and, for example, insisted on the Flemish placenames when giving directions. “Brugge”, not “Bruges”, “Geraardsbergen” not “Grammont”. I’m not sure if that sort of sense has it’s reflection in Wallonia too, but it’s possible that they’d regard Liege as the “superbowl” 🙂

    • TheBloomingCyclist

      Thanks for your very proper comment. And thanks for the insight. I HOPE you’re right in saying that he’s more of an Ardennes man- by all appearances right now he doesn’t seem to be trying much and that’s annoying me a bit. That’s probably because I was used to seeing him smash everything last year 😉

      The split in the country over which Belgian race is most important makes sense, what with the division in the country!

      Thanks for the comment ~Anna

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