Episode 11: If Nibbles Goes, I Go

After an unintended and forced hiatus, Pelotonitis Podcast is BACK, baby. This week, Jeff Chandler (@c_fiddy) and I tackle tough subjects, such as, will the world end if Nibbles leaves Liquigas and is Jeff also powerless against Jakob’s dimples? And Jeff also makes Anna choose between Boonen, Taylor and Nibbles. The choice is obvious.


  • We are forced to contemplate the unthinkable: Nibali leaving Liquigas link link Jeff wagers it won’t happen and will buy Anna a cap from his new team if Nibbles does move.
  • Is charging to watch road races going against the spirit of the sport? link
  • In the “shocking news” department, comes Richie Porte’s statement that he feels more at home on Sky than Saxo Bank link
  • Also in the “shocking news” department, Jakob Fugulsang is probably going to leave RadioShack link
  • In the “extremely cocky” department, Alberto Contador says he still thinks of the 2011 as “his” link
  • You may not remember Jan Ullrich, but he’s been through some tough times link


  • Giro d’Italia: Fast becoming Anna’s favorite Grand Tour, her massive fangirl crush on Taylor Phinney is evident as we moan poor Taylor’s luck.
  • Tour of California: May’s other supremely important race. Jeff make a BOLD prediction and if he’s right, Anna will buy him a cap from that player’s team. Or maybe not.
[audio http://archive.org/download/PelotonitisPodcast/PelotonitisPodcast11.mp3]

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