Episode 12: We’re Just Haters

Despite all the forces working against me, I wrenched this podcast from the jaws of technology failure’s grip! Despite the majority of cycling news being consumed with the Giro and the wanna be Grand Tour in California, we found a few interesting, if slightly depressing, tidbits to discuss. Sorry for the yawns- we recorded at 1am 😉 Also, forgive the echo of my voice. Still working it out.


  • First Europcar disowns Sebastian Turgot for his whereabouts violations (VeloNation article), then they back him up (VeloNation article). Just another example of how useless the ADAMS system is.
  • Armstrong says he won’t fight doping allegations anymore (CyclingNews article). Is this an admission of guilt, like Landis insists (CyclingNews article)? Or just another example of Armstrong’s tactical skills? And yes, you can go ahead and call us haters. (my review of Bill Strickland’s book, Tour de Lance. We also recommend Dan Coyle’s Lance Armstrong’s War)


  • Giro d’Italia: Lots of interesting leaders, discovery of new cute riders to admire, Frank is whiny, Jeff is BFFs with Cipo, are crashes caused by bad courses or bad recon, is Cav man enough to do the Giro, the Tour AND the Olympics, and much more!!
  • Tour of California: Is the race too hard or too easy, designing race routes is not as easy you might seem (Bicycling article), SAGAN! Would would win in a showdown between Cav and Sagan? Is Levi bluffing? If he is, Horner’s gonna be pissed (Bicycling article)!
[audio http://archive.org/download/PelotonitisPodcast/PelotonitisPodcast12.mp3]

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