Episode 14: We Get Punchy

This week, Jeff (@c_fiddy), the semi-regular co-host, joins the ‘cast again to talk about rumors, noisy Italian dinners, Astana hiring pushers for hills, and some racing. The longer you stay, the crazier we get!

Pelotonitis rumor mill!

  • Unrest in the Italian camp! We contemplate Italian bargaining tactics, give props to Pinotti for having grace in the face of rumors, and Jeff explains to Anna how the Olympics work.
  • Contador rumors! Leaving Saxo Bank? Starting a Spanish team? Going to Omega Pharma?? Who the eff knows.


  • Giro d’Italia: winners and losers, Cav listens to the podcast and we plead with him to leave a comment, Anna hopes Cipo doesn’t listen because she’s not nice to him, old host Dan (@DanKalbacher) gets props for calling Guardini the next big thing, Stage 20 made Anna SO ANGRY but Jeff doesn’t understand, OF course we give De Gendt props (even though Anna was too angry to pay attention), and Anna cannot get over Vino’s lack of eyebrows (these things all relate to the Giro, I promise).
  • US Pro Championships: After we moan about the video coverage, we talk about how awesome Tim Duggan is.
[audio http://archive.org/download/PelotonitisPodcast/PelotonitisPodcast14.mp3]

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