Episode 15: We Read So You Don’t Have To

This week we talk about superteams, rumors, and about how Jeff can’t read.

Rumor Mill:

  • Will the Schlecks go back to Riis while Contador goes back to Bruyneel? Anna says unlikely. link

“Real” news:

  • Sorry Taylor- we pick Dave Z for the Olympics. link Also, Taylor, you were awesome during TourChats!
  • Is this current trend of airing dirty laundry in public a new thing, or has it been around for awhile? link BONUS: Jeff does a crazy pronunciation.
  • We wonder where the line is between hard man and stupid man (Theo Bos rode with a broken back link)


  • Neither of us paid attention to Tour of Luxembourg. But Anna did notice that Jakob Fugulsang and his amazing dimples won. Also, we discuss Anna’s obsession with cycling.
  • Are we, as a cycling community, part of the problem when it comes to making the Tour the Holy Grail of cycling? Therefore, we’ve decided to ignore the Tour on this podcast (JUST KIDDING).
  • Dauphine: It’s half Dauphine and half Tour talk. Mostly we obsess about Andy and Wiggins. And we crack the case on why Wiggins couldn’t try the skinsuit for size.
[audio http://archive.org/download/PelotonitisPodcast/PelotonitisPodcast15.mp3]

Download here!

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