Episode 16: Where We Talk About the Things You’re Sick Of

Despite there being nothing of note that came out in the cycling world this past week, we found something to talk about. KIDDING. We actually spent the whole hour and a half talking about the topics you’re sick to death of- Lance and the Schlecks. Okay, maybe not the whole time. Also, I profess guilt at not including women in the podcast- I hate the thought of them being reduced to a side note in the men’s podcast. However, a new podcast devoted solely to women’s racing has just been launched by @_Pigeons_ and @entendered. So head over to their blog and check out women’s cycling!


  • We spend a lot of time talking about and dissecting the Lance accusations that just came out. Jeff calls Horner a strange man.
  • We’re happy Bert signed with Saxo Bank for 3 1/2 years article
  • Liquigas is caught between a rock and hard place when it comes to putting Nibali in races, what with his announcement that he will be leaving
  • Hincapie will be retiring. It doesn’t mean much to me, but it might mean something to others. And Jeff thought Hincapie was a jerk. article
  • The US Olympic selection was announced and Jeff’s string of bad predictions continues. And I talk about how guilty I feel that we don’t cover women’s cycling in our show. So check out @_Pigeons_ and @entendered’s new women’s cycling podcast and make me feel better.


  • Tour de Suisse: Sagan has no fear while he’s kicking ass and it’s like he takes a dragster to a Formula 1 race.
  • Ster ZLM Toer: I don’t t even know what country this race is in, but all I know is that Cav lost twice.
  • Tour de France: We feel bad for Andy and RadioShack and wonder at the irony that he’ll now be riding the Veulta with Contador. We felt sorry for Chris for a couple of minutes.
[audio http://archive.org/download/PelotonitisPodcast/PelotonitisPodcast16.mp3]

Download here!

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