Episode 17: We Have Velogames!

Before we get into talking about the same ol’ same ol’ with Lance and SchleckShack, we take care of some fantasy cycling and a cause close to Jeff’s heart. Also, do you think people will notice if I spend the whole episode talking about Jakob’s dimples? Be warned- there’s a fair bit of silliness and rambling.


As someone who’s never done fantasy cycling (or fantasy anything), the more I get into cycling, the more I was intrigued by it. As Jeff is someone who has done fantasy cycling, he’s convinced me that Pelotonitis needs to play. So fantasy cycling is taking Pelotonitis by storm!

Jeff has started up a mini-league over at Velogames.com called the Pelotonitis Listening Party (don’t blame me for the name- Jeff did that all on his own). So if you want to try your hand at fantasy cycling, please head over to the site, sign up for an account and search for our league. To join, you’ll need the league code, which is 23085514. [Edit: just realized I entered the code wrong- sorry for the confusion!] My biggest fear is that no one will join and it’ll just be me and Jeff competing against each other. So please join and help me feel not like a loser (because isn’t the podcast all about me??).


Jeff is paying attention to Race Across America because he has a local Fresno team racing that is riding for a local girl who was killed while cycling and donated all her organs. Website and Twitter.


  • Jens might stop riding the Tour?? Article
  • We wonder why Zabriskie, Hincapie, Vande Velde, and Liepheimer asked to be kept off the Olympic team. Article
  • Lance’s lawyers responded to the accusations. And I don’t really care. I also compare Lance followers to politicians. Article
  • We don’t care much about Johann not being at the Tour. We suspect he doesn’t care either. Article


  • We speculate on Cav’s new training regime that seems to be reducing is sprint power. And who might be a green jersey winner in the future. Article
  • We also think that someone should make a video mashup of Sagan victory salutes. Get on it. We also think Sagan is using this video for inspiration.
  • We think Sky has told Cav he’s on his own for the Tour, while they support Wiggins.
  • ShleckShack Saga update: I don’t really understand the uproar over leaving Jakob Fugulsang off the TdF roster. I think I’m too distracted by his beauty to take him seriously (article).
  • We talk about who teams are taking to the Tour.
[audio http://archive.org/download/PelotonitisPodcast/PelotonitisPodcast17.mp3]

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