Deep Thoughts: TdF Stage 4

When it comes to deep thoughts, I have plenty of them. Here are a few I had while watching today’s stage.
  • It was pretty great to see Andre Griepel (who really does look like a gorilla) win today. He was so excited and it was great to see his teammates go crazy as well.
  • However, it was not great to see a crash near the finish that took out Cav. I’m loath to say that Griepel won because Cav wasn’t there, but not having Cav there does make things easier for others…
  • Even though Cav is going for intermediate sprints, I still think he’s not chasing the green jersey. I just think he’s the type of person who can’t let a challenge go. If he’s in a place to sprint for those points, he will!
  • And honestly, I’d be surprised if Cav stayed the whole Tour. Maaaaybe if he got the green jersey. But I doubt it. Once the roads turn up, Wiggins isn’t going to want anyone spared to help Cav. Especially now that Siutsou is gone.
  • Although he wasn’t in the break today, I’m calling Morkov the Hoogerland of this tour. Minus the barbed wire fence, of course.
  • Sylvain Chavanel is starting to grow on me (and not like a fungus). I didn’t care for him much, but watching him work for, and with, Tom Boonen this year really made me appreciate him. After watching him take a chance today and yesterday made me realize that I wouldn’t mind if he won and/or took the yellow jersey. In fact, it would probably make me happy.
  • For once brief moment, we saw a glimmer of PhilGil’s old self. *sigh*
  • We’ve been seeing a lot more pee breaks this year than we have in past years. Or maybe they were always there, I just never noticed them.
  • Lord, Saturday can’t come soon enough. I’m ready for some shakeups in the GC!

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