Deep Thoughts: Stage 5 TdF

  • Word of the day: SNORE. I wonder, are the riders as bored as we are? Or do they like these types of stages?
  • It got so bad, the Eurosport commentators were reduced to talking about church bombings during wars, book recommendations, and national championship kits. At about 20km to go, they finally got back to commenting on what was happening on the road.
  • I think Harmon and Kirby are just as bad as Phil and Paul. I find Harmon to be super condescending. I don’t know if it’s just the way he talks or his actual attitude, but he drives me crazy.
  • Is Lotto becoming the new HTC lead out train?? It sure seems that way .
  • DAMNIT I wanted Goss to get it!
  • I found it a bit ironic that the only elevation in the stage seemed to happen right before the finish line, thus making it less of a pure sprinter finish.
  • And ohmigod I can’t wait for Saturday. A GC with no mix ups is a boring GC.

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