Deep Thoughts: Stage 6 TdF

Between having some serious live stream issues and, frankly, being flat-staged out, I stopped watching with about 20km to go, right after the big crash.

  • Most of the same today- flat, but with a one categorized climb to spice things up. Plus a massive crash. Although I’m sure that wasn’t in the race book.
  • Again, the bunch waited until the last minute to catch the break. Dave Zabraskie and his #69 was the last holdout.
  • The crash that happened at 18km to go was strange- from the back it look exactly like crashes that had happened on previous stages. Robbie Hunter in his national championship kit was even there. It felt like Groundhog Day for crashes.
    • It also seemed like no one was in a great hurry to get up and going- I didn’t feel any sense of urgency. It was strange.
    • However, despite that impression, it was a game changing crash. Lots of big riders were back there, with  lots of questions being asked as to why they were back there. And apparently, Frank Schleck, who was caught up, had no teammates come back and help him. That’s what happens when you declare yourself a non-leader and when you’re on a team that doesn’t know its ass from its elbow.
    • Should Garmin have been so grouped together so far back? Maybe not. But, not everyone can be off the front. And Garmin really didn’t have much reason to be at the front, what with Dave in the break- it wasn’t up to them to chase it down. I’d say they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    • I saw some talk about this year being overly dangerous and crash-ridden. I would disagree. I think last year had way more crashes, and lot more top riders going out all over the place. Not to be cavalier about it, but the crashes this year feel mostly par for the course for a grand tour. That said, no crash is a good crash, and I’d rather see a race without them.
  • But let’s talk about that finish! Again, Lotto was up their with the train! To no avail, however, as Sagan latched on the end of the train and was able to shoot around Griepel at the finish. His salute of choice was the Hulk. Appropriate, since he’s wearing all green.
  • Let the climbing commence! (even though I don’t really think tomorrow will be anything explosive. Still too early)

Videos of the stage over at Cyclingfans. Standings and recap at VeloNation


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