Deep Thoughts: Stage 7 TdF

And we’re off!

  • I honestly didn’t expect this stage to be so explosive. I figured we’d have a guy far down on the GC attack at the bottom of the last climb and then the favorites would stick together and limit loses against each other.
  • Instead, we had Sky beating the peloton into submission. Riders dropped like flies and it was a true test for those expected to be battling it out for the top step. I don’t want to say that those who didn’t stay with lead group don’t have a chance at winning now, but I’m not convinced that they’ll be able to make up that time.
  • Cadel and Nibali lasted all the way to the top- Menchov was there most of the way, but he didn’t last until the end.
  • I don’t think this stage will be the final word in how the climbers legs are doing. It was pointed out a couple of times on the commentary that the first real day of climbing after a week of flat stages is killer on the legs as the body tries to remember how to climb. BUT I think this is a reeeally good sign for Nibbles and Cadel, as they were both able to keep up with Sky and Wiggins.
  • Nibali did lose 5 seconds to Wiggins, but I’m not worried yet.
  • Froome was a BEAST! I kept expecting him to peel off at any minute, but not only did he keep going, he attacked right at the end and sprinted uphill to beat Cadel to the finish! He was super impressive today.
  • I’ll admit that I clapped when Cadel attacked. I’m not sure if it’s because I want him to win or because I was just excited to see someone attacking.

Videos of today’s stage at CyclingFans and full results and recap at CyclingNews.


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  1. Action is always good! right? Nibali was the win of the day, great to see him hang in there. Levi didn’t make it, but said he was max’d before the last climb, and I think that’s all we can ask. Maybe it was a “first-day” thing like you pointed out. Good thoughts.

    • TheBloomingCyclist

      Deep, right?? yeah, i think we haven’t seen the last from the climbers. I think as the climbs heat up, the other riders will warm up to climbing again.

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