Episode 18: The One Where Jeff Lectures

Before we get started, we talk about why we skipped a week and why were not doing daily Tour podcasts (you can stop crying now). But then we plug some podcasts that are doing daily updates, namely ITV Cycling (with Ned Boulting and Matt Rendall of Real Peloton fame) and Velocast. Inner Ring offers some other options, as well.


  • Fuglsang might go back to SaxoBank (link) which leads Bruyneel to say fine, no more WorldTour races for you (link). We discuss why Bruyneel shouldn’t be seen as the bad guy, the UCI should.
  • Alex Rasmussen is given an 18 month ban by CAS for whereabouts violations (link) and we talk about why, as much as we hate it, it makes sense.
  • USADA officially charges Lance, others (link) and witnesses are supposedly leaked (link)
  • After I complain about how boring this first week has been, Jeff lectures on me why that isn’t a bad thing and tells me to get over myself. Inner Ring seems to agree with him. We talk about Sagan and his salutes, how Cav beat Griepel and doesn’t seem to have any lead out, and how Lotto might be the new HTC train.
[audio http://archive.org/download/PelotonitisPodcast/PelotonitisPodcast18.mp3]

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