Deep Thoughts: Stage 9 TdF

In general, I find time trials to be boring, even as they shake up the GC- like they it did today!

  • I was most impressed with Tejay. After cracking a bit on the first mountain stage, he really showed that he still has it and crushed his TT.
  • I was worried for Nibali and am a bit sad to see him slip down to 2:23 behind Wiggins. However, I’m not going to panic or lose hope because Nibali is very much a slow and steady rider. He knows how to ride at his own pace, but still be able to attack.
  • Cadel had a pretty terrible ride, and while he’s still in 2nd, it doesn’t bode well for the next time trial, which is even longer, and means he’s going to have to attack a lot to get enough time back on Wiggins.
  • Honestly, Cadel and Nibali are going to have to attack a lot in the next week to try and gain time on Wiggins. And their teams are going to have to work really hard to work over Sky and Wiggins so when he does enter the final TT, he’s not at his best.
  • I think it’s important to remember that there have only been two medium mountain days so far. While both those days have been tough, with lots of hard riding, they still have 2 weeks of hard mountains before the last TT. If Wiggins and Sky are worked over enough, it could mean a very different final TT.

Videos of today’s stage at CyclingFans and full results and recap at CyclingNews.


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