Deep Thoughts: Stage 10 TdF

While today’s stage wasn’t quite as electrifying as the previous stages, it was still definitely a good time.

  • Apparently the yellow helmets were optional. If that’s the case, why did Sky choose to wear them? Maybe they thought it was a good idea, and then when it turned into a bad idea, it was too late to turn back. But I’m also hearing that it IS required and teams are fined if they don’t wear them! Who knows.
  • There were some good attacks on the descent today, mainly by my man Nibbles. I’ve read some really good interviews with Nibali, where he talked about his tactics. Part of me wonders if he’s giving too many secrets, but I love the insight.
    • He’ll have to do more than attack on the descents to get back that lost time, but it’s a good start.
    • It was great to see Nibali attack, but I’m a bit worried that he’ll burn himself out. He’s a pacer, not an attacker!
  • Another win by a Frenchie! And this time by Thomas Voeckler, no less! It makes me happy to see him win- he’s a nutso attacker and also does crazy things. It’s good to see his crazy rewarded once in a while.
    • The best was his expression as he crossed the line. It was exhausted elation.
  • Again Jens just misses out on a stage win. Would love to see him win, but I love that he keeps trying!
  • That was a nasty uphill kick at the end. I think those are almost more fun to watch than the summit finishes- it always encourages a slo-mo sprint amongst non-sprinters.

Videos of today’s stage at CyclingFans and full results and recap at CyclingNews.


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