Deep Thoughts and Opinions: Stage 11 TdF

Today’s stage: boring, boring, Cadel! Snore, boring OMGEEEEEEEEE!

  • First it was just up the hill, down the hill. Up the hill, down the hill.
  • Cadel briefly lit it up with an attack. I didn’t expect Cadel’s attack to work, but it was good to see him take a chance!
    • But then it was super sad to see him fall out the back L
  • When Nibali attacked, I was all GOOOOOOO! I LOVE YOU! Then when the Sky train brought him back, I was all like NOOOO! I HATE YOU! Repeat that scenario every time Nibali attacked and you have my day.
  • GOD I really hate how strong Sky is.*
  • I got a bit distracted from what was happening at the front, what with all the drama in the back, but Pierre Rolland really did an amazing job. He did at least a 10km uphill TT to solo in for a win. It was exciting to see another French rider win and also another win for Europcar! After watching their behind the scenes vides on YouTube, they’re a new favorite. Apparently Voeckler is a real ham! Watch the first episode here. They are all in French, but still amusing.
  • So the biggest change is Cadel is now out of 2nd. He’s now in 4th, at 3:19 back. And if today is any indication, he’s not likely to move again anytime soon. Also, the other major GC change is Jurgen Van den Broeck is now in 5th, at 4:48 back! His attack was well rewarded. This also means he takes the young rider’s jersey from Tejay.
    • Speaking of Tejay, there was a lot of talk today about whether or not he should’ve stayed back to help Cadel when he’s clearly the stronger rider. I say yes, he did the right thing. He was brought along to be support for Cadel, as BMC is clearly very dedicated to getting Cadel on the podium again. After today, I think it’s possible that BMC will reevaluate and maybe make Tejay their focus again to help him get back the white jersey. But for today, he did exactly the right thing by staying with Cadel. Just like Froome had an obligation to stay with Wiggins, even though he was clearly stronger. Whether or not Froome’s “attack” was intentional or not, he didn’t have a choice when it came to sitting up and letting Wiggins catch his wheel again.

*I actually really like all the Sky riders, minus Wiggins, I just hate it when they’re so strong my Nibbles can’t win.

Videos of today’s stage at CyclingFans and full results and recap at CyclingNews.


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