Deep Thoughts: Stage 14 TdF

While today did not deliver exactly the type of excitement I was expecting, it did have lots of exciting things going on.

  • Exciting thing #1: PhilGil in the break! Been awhile since I’ve seen his face on TV
  •  Exciting thing #2: Sagan in the break, not only just being awesome, but actually keeping up with the more prolific climbers in the group!
  • “Exciting” thing #3: Cadel punctured at the top of the last hill and Tejay, who was ahead of him, didn’t hear his call and the next rider up also had a flat so they had to wait AGES to get new tires.
  • Exciting thing #4: Rolland attacked out of the group, not understanding (apparently) that Sky and Wiggins were slowing down to let Cadel and the others who punctured catch back on.
  • And the Most Exciting thing? Someone threw tacks on the road! People were flatting left, right, and center. Cadel alone had 3! People are calling for the attackers (hehe) head.
  • Cadel made a baby attack on the steep part of the last climb, but Basso brought him back. I think if Nibali hadn’t been caught behind because of the narrow roads, it would’ve been an awesome attack by those two, because Wiggins was caught out behind a bunch of people. However, Nibali couldn’t make it and Basso couldn’t attack with Cadel, so he brought him back instead.
  • LL Cool Sanchez attacked while Peter was taking a snack break. It’s hard to be angry at him for this, but I did want Peter to win, because I like his salutes. 😉
  • Twitter topics of the day: making bad jokes and/or puns about throwing tacks on the road, cursing/defending Rolland for attacking after Cadel had his misfortune, and STILL debating whether Wiggins should release his bio passport data.
  • I’ve decided Rabobank has replaced HTC as the team with the hottest riders. What’s your pick?

Videos of today’s stage at CyclingFans and full results and recap at CyclingNews.

EDIT: I just wanted to add my thoughts about Rolland attacking and Tejay not stopping for Cadel, as Twitter has been ablaze with comments.

I think both guys acted in good faith and did nothing out of spite or because they wanted to take advantage of the misfortune of others. Based on interviews, it sounds like Rolland did not have radio contact with his team car and attacked before the whole peloton had grasped what was going on. Likewise, with Tejay, I think he knew Cadel had a flat, but thought the teammate that was with/behind him would help him out and didn’t realize the other teammate had a flat as well. I also think he now realizes he should’ve stopped, no matter what, just to make sure. Was he motivated by keeping the white jersey? It’s possible. But it’s possible he just made a bad call that any newish rider might make. Based on this interview, he looks quite shamefaced about the whole thing.

Maybe you will call me naive for thinking that both riders meant no harm. That is fine. I prefer to see the good in people rather than assume they act always out of malice. It makes life more enjoyable for me.


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