Episode 20: Drama!

Another week of drama, intrigue and rants! We do our best to drive away all listeners in the first 5 minutes, Jeff feels the Lance drama would make for a good Grisham novel, reveals the secret to knowing when a team’s about to fold, sees Jens add to his Chuck Norris status, and accuses Bernard Hinault of poisoning riders.


  • First up, the Lance saga! The plot thickens as a Livestrong lobbiest supposedly paid a visit to the chair of the Appropriations Committee to push for an investigation into USADA (article). Bruyneel opts for arbitration (article) and USAD isn’t intimidated by Lance and files a response to Lance’s injunction (article, PDF of USADA’s motion to dismiss, PDF of USADA’s exhibit 1, outlining all their arguments)
  • Next, the Leopard/Schleck saga: Fugulsang sues for his wages (article) and Frank and Cancellara admit they haven’t been paid (article). Of course the team denies financial trouble (article). Frank tests positive (article) and what that might mean for his and Andy’s future. Also, the Schlecks to ASTANA?? (article)


  • First we talk about how Twitter has gone off the chain. Then we tackle the nationalism issue.
  • Froome is a very loyal supporter, but admits he’s sacrificing, but we’re sure he’s waiting to be repaid in the coming years.
  • We dive into different interpretations of what happened on Stage 18 when Froome seemed to be dropping Wiggins and was “denied” a stage win.
  • We have a minor disagreement over what went down on Stage 14, when tacks were thrown, Tejay left Cadel without support, and Rolland left the peloton behind.
  • And we discuss my “breakdown” on Stage 17, with Nibali’s doomed attacks.
[audio http://archive.org/download/PelotonitisPodcast/PelotonitisPodcast20.mp3]

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