Episode 22: Vino likes Nibbles

Just when we thought we’d have nothing to talk about, the UCI saves us from another boring show by coming out with one of it’s exciting press releases. Plus, there’s a few events at the Olympics that we want to talk about. But before we get to that excitement, Jeff talks about the prize package he’s putting together for our Velogames winner, @chriscap!


  •  The UCI does us a solid and acts ridiculous again, this time trying to bully USADA into letting them take over the case. We talk about Anna’s crush on Tygart, the worse case scenario that could come out this nonsense, and why the UCI might be acting this way. (VeloNation article, NY Daily News article, CBS Sports article)
  • Someone (*cough* Jeff *cough*) has to pay up on their wager that Nibali wouldn’t transfer teams. We talk about how Anna’s not really sure why she doesn’t like Astana, but how this could end up being a good move for Nibali. (CyclingNews article, Vino Likes Nibali, Why it’s a good move)


  • We compare tactics between the men and women’s road race (article), wonder about whether Hines’ fall was appropriate (article), and get distracted by diving.
[audio http://archive.org/download/PelotonitisPodcast/PelotonitisPodcast22.mp3]

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