Updated Episode 23: Doper’s Paradise

Note: iTunes wasn’t picking up the correct URL for Episode 23, so I’m reposting it in hope that it fixes itself.

JV saves us from another week of talking only about Lance and his doping problems and gives a chance to talk about OTHER people’s doping problems! Anna gets distracted by shiny objects and Jeff calls BMX mountain biking’s ADD cousin.


  • We get Lance and his mess out of the way. VeloNation has a great article summing up the whole mess as it stands now. McQuaid swears he’s not trying to save Lance’s ass and right now it’s McQuaid versus the world.
  • Silly season! There seems to be an exodus from Liquigas happening. Nerz and Oss are going to BMC and Capecchi and Smyzd are moving to Movistar. And speaking of Liqugas, as Timmy Duggan been a beast this season, or what?? A great silly season scorecard to help keep track of rumors and signings.
  • And lastly, we talk about Jonathan Vaughter’s New York Times article where he admits to doping and outlines how he sees cycling can get better.


  • We wrap up the Olympics with talk of BMX and what happened on the track. Jeff see Laura Trott as the new Sarah Hammer (Inner Ring article on British funding of track cycling). We then talk about doping in the Olympics- what would drive a race walker to dope and why doesn’t any suspect Usain Bolt of doping (except this guy)?

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