Deep Thoughts: Vuelta Stage 3

Bert’s back, baby! My God, it’s good to see him climbing again. Sometimes I wonder about my complete about face from two years ago, when I hated him, but then I remember how much he animates a race, how much he loves to climb, how fluid and lovely he looks on a bike and I understand.

  • Stage THREE, and we’re already finishing on a climb. OH Vuelta, you such a crazy bastard!
  • Cobo cracks. This is not surprising to me.
  • It’s such a marked difference from the Tour, where each climb was policed, controlled and shut down by Sky. Sky had a couple of guys in the last group, but very, very quickly, it was just Froome.
  • Someone attacks, Contador flies right by him. Everyone catches up,a bit of a rest, someone attacks, Contador flies past. Repeat.
  • I actually like Froome and I’m actually really happy to see him as a team leader at this race. But I have to admit, I’m Team Bert right now. When it seemed that he was having trouble responding to the attacks, a tiny part of me was happy by this.
  • However, after watching the video and taking into consideration that he was able to take 3rd from Contador, I wonder if he was only caught out by the attacks, and not that he didn’t have the legs to respond. Although I wonder if it had been a true uphill finish, and not a bit up and down, if Froome wouldn’t have been able to catch back up again… But…It’s only the 3rd day. There’s a lot of climbing still left to happen before we can call Froome’s race/tactics!
  • I was pretty sad that Contador lost 3rd and the bonus points.
  • I’m pretty sure I’ll never ceased to be amazed at how fast they can climb up those mountains. Amazing.
  • And can we please talk about how Rodriguez would’ve gotten that win if he hadn’t stopped pedaling right before the line?? Amateur hour! Really! And J-Rod knows it too

Stage results and results, and video


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