Episode 35: Wait and See

Jeff  distracts me from my well laid agenda, reveals his new favorite team, we decide that the name of the game is “wait and see,” as it’s too soon to tell anything right now, and we discuss the merits of Chipotle.

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  • Kimmage give the UCI a taste of its own medicine by suing for defamation of character [Velo Nation]
  • GreenEdge ups the anti-doping ante by opening up an independent panel into doping [Cycling News]
  • SKINS sues UCI for not protecting them from scandals [Cycling News]
  • We shed light on how US races handling doping controls. Need moar controls! [Cycling News]
  • We talk AGAIN about how the points system is flawed [Cycling News]
  • Jeff reveals his new favorite team, as we talk about the possible World Tour teams [Velo Nation]
  • Both Cav and Sky lied a little to themselves when they try to make it work [Guardian]
  • Bertie starts a team for developing riders and it warms Anna’s heart [Velo Nation]

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