Episode 36: Short and Sweet

We could get used to this off season business- helps keep our episodes short and sweet!

  • Anna crawls out from under her rock and finds out that the UCI is in talks with the OPQS owner and chairman to start a new cycling league. Not that we really understand what this means, but we do know that anything the UCI/Pat McQuaid is attached to, we don’t trust. [VeloNation]
  • Benoit Joachim laments that dopers made more money and had longer careers than him…and that he never doped. [Cyclingnews]
  • More pro stars than ever are on Twitter- does it affect your opinion of them? Also, Jeff does his Jens impression. And spends some time on a soapbox.
  • Stop the presses! Vino paid for a race win! Who is shocked by this? Anyone? [VeloNation]
  • Wiggins gets hit by a car and changes his tune (events not related). [VeloNation]

[audio http://archive.org/download/PelotonitisPodcast/PelotonitisPodcast36.mp3] [sorry the audio is a bit wonky. Jeff’s mic was out of wack.]

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