Episode 37: Change is a’comin’

After a break for the Thanksgiving holiday, we’re back with an episode FULL of FUN!

  • A panel is finally named for the UCI Independent Commission. We’re cautiously optimistic at this point, as it has fewer buddies and relatives of the Dynamic Duo than we expected [Cycling Weekly] Anna just likes to say the titles of those involved.
  • A UCI protest group has finally formed [Cyclingnews]. We break down the chain of events (as we understand them), talk about the fan participation and backlash against both the Change Cycling Now group and the Cycling Fans Voice.
    • Scott from the Velocast pens an open letter explaining how he came to be at the panel [Velocast].
    • Mainly we just want people to chill the fuck out and take a minute before reacting to the news (but we say it in a much nicer way).
    • Football has a fan’s group that could act as a guide for cycling [Football Supporters’ Federation]
    • Irish Peloton muses on why cycling fans stay with the sport, even through the bad times [Irish Peloton]
  • Anna gets on her soapbox and talks about her issues with the Cyclepassion calendar (probably not what you think). [2013 Calendar– good!] [2011 Calendar- bad!] For a less…revealing women’s cycling calendar option, check this one out.
    • Andrea, over at Winnipeg CycleChick, has a great article summing up a lot of how Anna feels


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