New kit! Novo Nordisk

The first thing Novo Nordisk did when they took over the title sponsorship of Team Type 1 was to get rid of that awful kit.

Terrible, right?

The blue, the green, the white, the black- that I could deal with. But I couldn’t deal with that weird beige color. Where did that come from?? What did they think that color would add to the jersey?? Questions that will never be answered. But thankfully, we won’t need these questions answered this year, as Novo Nordisk has taken over title sponsorship of Team Type 1-Sanofi and their first order of business was to apologize for last years kit by gifting us with this:

Martin Verschoor

There is nothing this girl loves more than all white kits. They’re just so….revealing. I’m just happy it’s not me that has to wear an all white kit. My self confidence couldn’t bare it! In all honestly, though, I like the simplicity of the kit and the color choices- huge, huge improvement over last year’s kit.

Score: 10/10 How could I give an all white kit anything else??



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