New Kit! OPQS

Even though big man on campus Cav was joining their team, OPQS didn’t do much of an overhaul on their team kit.

2013 kit

2013 kit

Honestly, I like last year’s kit better. I’m not sure what they were trying to accomplish with that strange blue on the shoulders. It looks like a dot matrix pattern from the old printers. Or one of those 3D things that make a shape if you stare at them long enough. If they had consulted me (and why they didn’t, I have no idea), I would’ve made them put a dark blue on the shoulders and put the light blue on the sides.

2012 kit

2012 kit

I was pretty ambivalent about last year’s kit, but now that they’ve made it worse, I’m already nostalgic of the old days. *sigh (but I still hate the way the Quickstep logo looks like an afterthought)

Edit: One addition that is very cool is that they’ve put the Twitter of the rider on the side of the kit! I love this idea. OPQS has really embraced social media and this is just one more example!

Score: 4/10 because they ruined a perfectly good kit


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