New Kit! Astana

2013 kit

2013 kit

Ah, Astana. Such mixed emotions you raise in me.  With new addition Nibali and Fuglsang, I should be chomping at the bit to support your team. But I just can’t bring myself to do it. I mean, even the fact that my heart softened towards Vino and his robot, no-eyebrow face, cannot make me enjoy the Astana kits. There is something about them that makes me curl my lip. I think it’s overwhelming baby blue. If the kit was more of balance between yellow and blue, I might be more inclined to like it. The 2013 kit has succeed in getting rid of pretty much all of the contrasting yellow and now the kit looks like a baby blue condom. Imagine what the skinsuit is going to look like. *shudder*


"Astana wants YOU"

“Astana wants YOU”



In all honesty, it’s not a terrible kit. There are, and have been, worse kits. But it’s just not the kit I’d like to see Nibbles wearing. He’ll always be a blue and green Liquigas boy to me.

Rating: 4/10 A tiny step up from terrible, but a huge step away from great.


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