New Kit! Sky

I don’t have a problem with Rapha, per se. They make great products, that look reeeeally good. Maybe I’m annoyed at the price. Maybe I’m annoyed that even if I wanted to spend money on their products, I couldn’t fit in most of it. But even that shouldn’t really matter, as most cycling clothes don’t fit me and cost more than I’d like to spend. So I can’t quite figure out what my problem is with Rapha. Maybe the problem is not Rapha, but me- I don’t like to be an early adapter for anything popular. ANYWAYS. We’re not here to talk about my feeling for Rapha! We’re here to talk about KITS. I didn’t think it was possible for the Sky kit to get any more boring, but apparently it is.

sky kit

2013 kit

I can’t imagine there will be another kit that will provoke more “love it or hate it” debate this season, but I have a hard time getting excited. I know many will say it’s understated and sleek. And while I am fans of  both of those things, in this case I think those words are code for “underwhelming.”


When you get right down to it, it’s just a black kit with a blue armband. Which is not that inspiring. It still has the blue stripe up the back, which is good. I don’t know why more teams don’t make the back of the jersey more distinct, as this is what is what really helps tell everyone apart in the peloton.

But, as much as I’m not inspired by the kit, it does still appeal to me. I love the black and blue combo, and I appreciate that Sky is wealthy enough it doesn’t have to plaster millions of logos all over the jersey. And the riders are still look good wearing it!

Score: 7/10 It gets extra points because the national championship jerseys are so awesome.



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