Episode 51: The Giro has landed

As the first week of the Giro is done and dusted, we take a look all the happenings in this week’s episdoe!

Some GIRO! highlights:

  • Jeff details what it is about Cadel that bothers him, but we both agree if we had to choose between Cuddles and Wiggo, we’d chose Cuddles.
  • Jeff is convinced Wiggins has something up his sleeve. Anna is not.
  • We try not to get too excited by Cadel.
  • Gesink replaces Denis Mechov as the new Silent Assassin.
  • We want to talk to a fantasy cycling guru! We’re both amateurs at this, if you’re road.cc fantasy cycling wiz, let us know!

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  1. Dodgy sound again kids! Losing channels or whole feeds from one of you at several periods during the ‘cast. Happened a couple of episodes ago too.

    • TheBloomingCyclist

      That’s so weird! i listened to the whole thing and it seemed fine… I’ll listen again and see if it shows up.

    • TheBloomingCyclist

      damn, you so are right. it sounds okay on the original recording so it must be happening during the compression :/ thanks for the heads up.

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