Episode 54: The Tour is Coming!

We spend too much time talking about Jan Ullrich, Brad-we-refuse-to-call-him-Sir breaks up the the Tour?? and we compare Andy and Frank to Bert and Ernie (you can guess who’s who).

And the LE TOUR!

And since I KNOW you want to do fantasy cycling this year, be sure to check out Neil’s (@NeilSG83) 10 tips for being awesome at fantasy cycling, then join our teams at road.cc (76730) and Velogames (23164933)!

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  1. Sorry to be the bringer of bad news again, but there is something wrong with the podcast! It seems like Jeff is on a delay. You can hear his comments where they should be, but very quietly, then at proper volume with several seconds delay. I still listened to the whole thing and sort of got it all!
    Joined the Velogames league too.

    • TheBloomingCyclist

      Wow, i appreciate your dedication! Even I wouldn’t listen to it all if it was messed up 😉 Thanks for the heads up. You think i would learn to listen to the whole thing before posting it, but i never do….

    • TheBloomingCyclist

      oh ALSO, thanks for joining the Velogames league! you should try out road.cc as well. I’m loving it. it’s free!

  2. I meant Road.cc! I signed up just to join your league, having just used Velogames before. Brain numb, just back from 60 mile lumpy ride!

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