Episode 60: The king is dead, long live the king!

We’re baaaack! After an unintentional hiatus, we’re back on the podcast wagon. Jeff reveals our break was the result of him going to Europe to campaign for me to be UCI president.

First up BREAKING NEWS: Fat Pat is gone! We never thought this day would come. Although Jeff’s bid to get me as president fails, McQuaid’s bid fails as well, and Brian Cookson is the new UCI president. We discuss having cautious optimism we have about Cookson’s ‘reign.’

We ‘wrap-up’ the Vuelta by talking about the reaction to Horner’s win. Anna talks herself into like Horner.

We rant about the World Championships. It really bothers us that the race doesn’t always accurately reflect who had the best season. We think it should be by points! (and if we went by UCI rankings, Froome should have the rainbow jersey) Also, Jeff thinks we should change rainbow stripes to rainbow target.

We actually talk about women’s racing! Jeff does a great job analyzing the women’s World Championship race.

We go on weird F1 and the American Cup (sailing) tangents.

We are BEFUDDLED by the Giro d’Italia starting in Belfast. Apparently it is now the Giro d’Italia and Ireland. The whole tradition of starting GTs in other countries makes NO SENSE.

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