Episode 65: Cross is Boss

Bart Wellens ninja kicks a heckling fan

Another cyclocross wrap up, of a more manageable length this time. Anna explains what ‘sinewy’ means and Adam gives embro tips. We discuss Sven vs Niels tactics and what is the deal with cyclocross sprinting? We rate which riders we think are on the best form right now.

Check out Anna’s cyclocross Tumblr at Hot Cross Buns. Plus, if you’re interested in  cyclocross techniques, check out Skills, Drills and Bellyaches or the #SVENNESS videos, both put together by Crosshairs Cycling.


  • Tim Johnson supports grassroots, junior cycling with his Mud Fund [Cycling News]
  • Heckling: good fun or no fun? [CX Magazine]
  • UCI parses mets its own punishment when Zach McDonald rides around the barriers [CX Magazine]


  • European races
    • Zonhoven
    • Hamme-Zogge
    • Jaarmarktcross Niel
    • GP Hasselt
    • Gavere
  • American races
    • Derby City Cross
    • Jingle Cross

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