FIRST LOOK: Lotto Belisol 2014 kit

Photo credit: here

New kit alert! Lotto Belisol has released their new kit look, with the help of their favorite model, Tosh van der Sande (he modeled their kit last year, too). Does he get the job because he’s the most attractive? Or because he’s the youngest? Anyway. I actually quite liked their old kit (pictured here). I liked the splash of yellow, the color blocking, etc. While this year’s kit is quite a makeover, I have to say I also like this version of the kit as well! I dig the retro look, I LOVE the red, I like the Belgian flag colors around the leg band and arm, and I’ve always enjoyed the Lotto logo on the leg.

I am confused as to why the back of the jersey is largely blank, since that get so much screen time during a race. But maybe they’re counting on most pictures being taken from the front as they win… Also, they have that weird stitching on the legs like the OPQS kit that makes their thighs look odd.

But overall, I quite like the kit. And the bold red will appease some of the critics who complain about the monochrome nature of the kits in the peloton!



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