Deep Thoughts: TdF ’14 Stage 6

The most exciting part of the day was waiting to see if any crosswinds would split the peloton! Sadly (from the viewers perspective, anyway!), the crosswinds weren’t strong enough to bother anyone except those dangling off the back.

  • The Invisible Man was visible today! Andre Griepel has been mostly MIA recently- but today the Gorilla was back! It was good to see him mug again. Although, I’ll admit I was rooting for Renshaw!
  • There were a fair number of crashes but the most serious seemed to be a crash involving Jesus Hernandez- it looks like he had to abandon because of a concussion. This is a bit of a blow to Contador, because Hernandez was a big climbing asset.
  • Sky also didn’t have a great day- Zandio abandoned as well.
  • The way Giant Shimano was controlling the head of the race, I wonder if it’s the new HTC! However, by 5km to go, Giant was nowhere to be seen. Instead it was the former couple all over the front- Lotto and Omega Pharma. I couldn’t believe Giant had let the lead go, but it seems while the crosswinds weren’t quite enough to tear the peloton apart, they were enough to tear Kittel apart!
  • For half a second, I thought Kwiatkwoski was going to make it! Although I’m a little confused why he went- weren’t they riding for Renshaw? I’m still don’t always understand tactics! Perhaps it was to draw out the other teams to chasing him down?
  • My favorite part of the stage was everyone talking about how awesome Nibali was yesterday 😀 Welcome to the fan club!

Stage recap


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