Deep Thoughts: TdF ’14 Stage 7

Pretty shallow thoughts on today’s tour- not too much to say!

  • Love how the peloton will reel the break in and let them dangle a minute out there for kilometers on end. So cruel!
  • Did anyone else notice the massive air horns for Peter Sagan when he was on the podium?? Someone in the audience blew their air horn non stop the whole time Peter was on the stage!
  • Speaking of Peter, why did he make that late attack, pulling Greg with him? Was he just trying his luck? Because I can’t think of another reason why you’d start so early. He seems to be lacking some tactical sense lately, but perhaps he’s just on a learning curve- winning is more than just sheer strength!
  • Another crash controversy: At first look, it seemed to me Talansky drifted left without looking and overcompensated when he saw Gerrans swinging into him. Coversations on Twitter raged as to whether Gerrans is at fault as well- did he cut over or did he hold his line? Most seem to be of the opinion that Gerrans cut over but Phinney and McEwen think otherwise! Talansky also thought Gerrans was in the wrong- Vaughters tweeted that Talansky wanted an apology from Gerrans. People on Twitter were saying from an overhead shot, Gerrans move didn’t seem so extreme, but I haven’t been able to find an overhead video of the crash. Your thoughts?
  • Tejay has crashed 5 times so far! Can’t believe he’s still in one piece.

Stage recap



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