Deep Thoughts: TdF ’14 Stage 10

My, oh my, oh my. What a game-changer today- and not in the way we all hoped 😦

  • Leading with the big news: Contador is out. As of now, there doesn’t seem to be a clear explanation as to what happened. I’ve heard broken bike and that seem confirmed, as I saw a picture. But how it broke is another story- some say pebble/gravel, others said pothole. I heard Nicholas Roche’s bike feel off the car, causing Bert to crash…! Regardless of how it happened, Contador broke his femur in that crash. What is even MORE unbelievable is that he rode 18km or so on said broken leg!
  • Who knows what is going to happen with the race now. Either a) Nibali racks up a huge lead and “cruises” to Paris or b) the other GC hopefuls will see this as their chance and attack! I’m hoping for the latter, just so the race is more exciting. Even though I want Nibali to win 😉
  • Well, something has lit a fire under J-Rod’s ass! This was the most animated I’ve seen him in AGES. Perhaps his plan all along was to lose so much time that the GC guys would let him get away to collect KOM points. “mwhaha, my plan is working!!” Tommy Voeckler tried to give him a run for his money, but Rodriguez said “I don’t THINK so, amigo.”
  • The Rodriguez decided KOM wasn’t enough (greedy bastard) and thought he’d take the stage. However, Nibali, smelling the yellow jersey in Paris was finally in his grasp, said “I don’t THINK so, amico!” He was leaving nothing to chance and rode Rodriguez down like a dog to make sure the jersey was firmly in his grasp. I had pretty mixed feelings about that, as I wanted Rodriguez to have the stage- mainly because I feel sorry for him. And you could tell Rodriguez was like, “Let’s work together and please can I have the stage?” but Nibali was all like “Ciao, bitches”.
  • It was fascinating to watch Nibali’s tactics change as the situation changed. Clearly, yesterday he was preparing himself and his team for battle against Saxo and Contador by giving up the responsibility of the yellow jersey. But the minute Contador wasn’t a threat any more, Nibali was like “MINE! GIVE IT BACK!”
  • So the race is either wide open or shut DOWN. The next few mountain stages will tell us if anyone can be a serious threat to Nibali!
  • Oh and to end on a happy note, Tejay seemed in good form! He looked good on the last climb, hanging with the group.

Ciao, bitches.


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