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Episode 79: The Ardennes Classics are here!

We wonder if we accidentally got our time machine set to 2011, Anna mixes up her Brabanste Pijl and Amstel Gold- that’s what happens when you don’t actually watch Brabanste Pijl. Anna cuts Jeff by insinuating that he’s old and much more!

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Episode 50: High Octane and Slow Burn

We rants  A LOT about Wiggins/Sky/Froome, the cat bites me, we wonder what Classics would be like if they were directed by Michael Bay, and encourage you to join our fantasy leagues!

Fantasy cycling!!

  • Velogames: (league code: 29133250): Basic fantasy league- you pick your team and let it ride for the duration.
  • (league code: 76730): A bit more intense, you can make a certain number of substitutes. Has free and pay options. You need a account to sign up for the league, but you don’t have to pay.

We mostly skip over talking about Amstel Gold and Fleche Wallonne to focus on Liege-Bastogne-Liege and the Giro.



  • Giro Startlist [Cycling Fever]
  • Basso to lead Cannondale- srsly?? [VeloNation]
  • Wiggins can’t decide- will he or won’t he ride the Giro? Meanwhile Froome starts shopping for new teams (not really, but I sure hope he is) [VeloNation]

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Episode 10: The Russian Cycling Mafia

Well. In cycling, we can’t go too long without a doping positive to keep our cynical juices flowing, so this week Denis Galimzyanov filled that role for us. So of course we spend time talking about this subject. However, rest assured we cover other topics that are less depressing! Jeff Chandler (@c_fiddy) joins me again this week.


  • A positive tests leads to a suspicious confession. (CyclingNews article) We talk about the web of doping, why cyclists might start doping, and if doping cyclists get the support they need. (Listen for an embarrassing mispronunciation here)
  • Contador will return for the Eneco Tour, a race that has a special place in my heart. (CyclingNews article) We discover another man crush that Jeff has and we discuss my attraction to boys who are quiet off the bike but aggressive on the bike.


  • Amstel Gold: Gasparatto showed he was using his head, Gilbert finally shows some life (and panache!), we discuss how Frank Schleck used to be fun to watch and how sad Andy is sometimes.
  • Fleche Wallonne: I think it could be anyone’s race, Jeff think Gilbert will finally take a win.
  • Giro del Trentino: Mainly I mispronounce this name to a very amusing end. And I also lament that Nibbles won’t be at the Giro.

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Episode 9: A Tale of Bad Chasers

Another week, another guest host. This week I welcome Jeff Chandler (@c_fiddy) as my co host. He was a great partner because he laughed at all my jokes 😉 In less fun news, I deleted my side of recording in an act of stupidity. The good  news is that Jeff and his friend Dan were able to save it. The bad news is that the sound quality is not great- I’m really loud (shocking!) and he’s pretty quiet. So if you can get past that, you’ll find a pretty good episode. Onwards!




  • Should Pozzato have chased? Did it cost him the race? Possibly…
  • Why couldn’t Sky catch Boonen? Bad tactics? Underestimation of Boonen?
  • When an outsider takes a big race, does that actually make him a contender every race he’s in? (eg, Turgot, Vansummeren)
  • De Vlaemmick is a grumpy old man.

Amstel Gold

  • We don’t have much to say about this. Except Jeff does predict the winner..

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