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Episode 94: Goodbyes

We say goodbye to Andy Schleck and the racing season, as we reminisce about Andy Schleck and recap Worlds and Lombardia. We also wonder if we’ll look back and see Oleg as the “Idea Man” who saves cycling and discuss whether Astana is playing the UCI and MPCC.

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Episode 58: The Doping is Back in Town

We’re back talking about all your favorite topics- doping, the UCI, Pat McQuaid!

First up, the Senate report.

We speculate on why O’Grady got so much grief for his ’98 positive over the others who were revealed as positive in the report. We discuss the other type of omerta that still exists in cycling – doping methods and networks.

Also, how and when do cycling fans move on? Who is at fault for all headlines that focus on doping – the journalists or the fans who click on the links?

Then, we talk about Pat McQuaid’s slow decent into crazy-town

And we demonstrate that we are bad at math.

We also talk a little bit about actual racing, when we talk about team transfers! Jeff rechristens it “Schleck Trek” and sings a little ditty.

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New Kit! Astana

2013 kit

2013 kit

Ah, Astana. Such mixed emotions you raise in me.  With new addition Nibali and Fuglsang, I should be chomping at the bit to support your team. But I just can’t bring myself to do it. I mean, even the fact that my heart softened towards Vino and his robot, no-eyebrow face, cannot make me enjoy the Astana kits. There is something about them that makes me curl my lip. I think it’s overwhelming baby blue. If the kit was more of balance between yellow and blue, I might be more inclined to like it. The 2013 kit has succeed in getting rid of pretty much all of the contrasting yellow and now the kit looks like a baby blue condom. Imagine what the skinsuit is going to look like. *shudder*


"Astana wants YOU"

“Astana wants YOU”



In all honesty, it’s not a terrible kit. There are, and have been, worse kits. But it’s just not the kit I’d like to see Nibbles wearing. He’ll always be a blue and green Liquigas boy to me.

Rating: 4/10 A tiny step up from terrible, but a huge step away from great.