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Deep Thoughts: TdF ’14 Stage 18

Once again, Nibali makes the Tour his BITCH. And seriously, I cannot say enough about Nibali. I cannot remember a time when he was so aggressive. My memory of his Vuelta and Giro wins were more defensive, once he had the jersey. Here, he’s just toying with the competition!

  • First, some old business. Can we please talk about how great it is that Frank Schleck is showing life?? He was in the top 10, but has dropped down to 12th after today, but STILL! Makes me so, so happy to see signs of the old Frank. Now, if only Andy would follow suit… Perhaps if he sees his brother doing well, that will get him out of his funk!
  • Now back to Nibali. “Oh hai Chris. No, I don’t want a BigMac, but thanks anyway. Remember when you beat me in the Vuelta that one time? I sure do! Anyway, SEE YA!” (I mean, that’s the only reason I can think of why Nibali wouldn’t just let Horner go, who’s 39 minutes behind him!)
  • “Wow, Vinny, it was so cool how you just flew by Nieve!” “Who?” EXACTLY.
  • Also “ALL YOUR JERSEYS BELONG TO MEEEE!” not really, but I’m sure that was going through his head.
  • With all those unzipped jerseys, you get to see who wears a heart rate monitor and who doesn’t. I was surprised to see so many guys without monitors. I thought that was the ‘thing’ now!
  • Astana really is the boss this race. I’d be tempted to compare them to Sky (in the sense of controlling the race, always at the front), but Nibali is like, a million times more interesting than Wiggins!
  • All this attention Nibali is getting is making me realize how big the Tour is- he’s won two GTs, but it wasn’t until he was awesome at the Tour that people started accepting that he is actually so awesome.
  • I’ll admit that I was rooting for him to take the stage, but I did feel bad for Nieve.
  • Tejay still riding a good ride. I get the impression he doesn’t quite have enough to attack and break Pinot or Peraud, but I say being able to mark them and not lose any time is a good start!

gc st 18


Episode 69: Horner, Sanchez, Dubai, Wiggins

In lieu of clever titles (which are hard!), we’re now just listing what the podcast is about, ha. This week, we’re all about about the Tour de France taking the first step to giving women their own Tour, Horner and Sanchez’s new teams, the Tour of Dubai and its grand aspiration, and discuss everything to be learned in Bradley Wiggins’ autobiography. Good times!

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Episode 64: Lance, Lance, Lance

Lucky Jeff- he comes back and gets to talk about all our favorite things: Lance and doping.



  • Why Chris Horner can’t find a team [Velo News]


  • UCI clearly got inspiration from Harry Potter or Monty Python when they came up with “Commission of Inquiry” [Cycling Weekly]
  • UCI decides smaller is better in its vision for the future [Inner Ring 1, 2] []


  • WADA says a ban reduction for Lance is unlikely [Cycling Weekly]
  • Interview with The Armstrong Lie director [Cycling News]
  • Trailer for The Armstrong Lie [Cycling News]
  • Anna gives her thoughts and reactions to Wheelmen

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Episode 60: The king is dead, long live the king!

We’re baaaack! After an unintentional hiatus, we’re back on the podcast wagon. Jeff reveals our break was the result of him going to Europe to campaign for me to be UCI president.

First up BREAKING NEWS: Fat Pat is gone! We never thought this day would come. Although Jeff’s bid to get me as president fails, McQuaid’s bid fails as well, and Brian Cookson is the new UCI president. We discuss having cautious optimism we have about Cookson’s ‘reign.’

We ‘wrap-up’ the Vuelta by talking about the reaction to Horner’s win. Anna talks herself into like Horner.

We rant about the World Championships. It really bothers us that the race doesn’t always accurately reflect who had the best season. We think it should be by points! (and if we went by UCI rankings, Froome should have the rainbow jersey) Also, Jeff thinks we should change rainbow stripes to rainbow target.

We actually talk about women’s racing! Jeff does a great job analyzing the women’s World Championship race.

We go on weird F1 and the American Cup (sailing) tangents.

We are BEFUDDLED by the Giro d’Italia starting in Belfast. Apparently it is now the Giro d’Italia and Ireland. The whole tradition of starting GTs in other countries makes NO SENSE.

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