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Episode 61: The Morality of Doping

Cookson is already making a good impression. Who knows what the future will bring, but for now, Cookson is doing okay by us. []

We take it as a good sign that Gilbert is willing to appeal to the UCI to lessen the racing load [CyclingNews]

Perhaps Twitter should take a step back and consider how their reactions against alleged doped riders might contribute to their mental breakdown before they go patting themselves on the back too hard over saving Santambrogio []

We round out the ‘cast with some cyclocross! We do a brief overview of the season so far.

  • Check out the #Svenness videos by @CXHairs for some cool looks into cyclocross tactics.
  • Calendar of UCI races, in US and overseas, here.
  • Calendar of cyclocross races happening around the US, here.

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