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Episode 32: Reasoned Discussion

We tackle the tough topics so you don’t have to. The one topic that everyone is talking about, the one topic you’re all sick to death of- we dive in head first.

The Reasoned Decision!

All the affidavits are one the website with the Reasoned Decision, but the here are links to the ones we talked about:

A sampling of rider statements

A sampling of reactions and op-eds

And a blast from past, as Vaughters talks about what was happening, while not talking about what was happening…


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Episode 25: A Guest to Freshen Things Up

This week I am joined by a guest host in my very own time zone, Marianne! Don’t worry, Jeff is still my bestest co-host and will be back before long. Marianne is here to help me breath some new life into the tired topic of Lance. But first, we must find out who her peloton crushes are. [Note: Apologies to those of you using headphones, but Marianne’s side was only recorded in mono. Our bad!]


  • Liquigas acquires new management (article)
  • George Hincapie retires


  • We agree with Chrisophe Bassons and Frankie Andreau when they say Armstrong needs control.
  • We discuss the lack of comment from riders and the non-response response from some (Hushovd, Geraint). Inner Ring has thoughts on why riders don’t comment. And when riders do comment, but not the way we want them to, we get upset (Hayden Roulston)
  • Great article by Science of Sport about the case- the potential fallout and issues often brought up about the case.
  • Just because Lance won’t go to arbitration, doesn’t mean the evidence won’t come out (article)


  • We discuss who we think has the best chance at winning, John Degenkolb’s dimples, how Valverde’s stage 8 win seemed like a bike F-U, Bert acting strangely, and Froome showing vulnerability.

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