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Episode 29: Grumpy Old Man

Jeff is back again this week, and Anna gets distracted by the color maroon, we discuss why Anna would make a terrible professional cyclist (besides the obvious), and she declares herself the Jan Ullrich of podcasting. Plus, Jeff casts the role of Hein Vebruggen in the upcoming cycling movie!


  • First, we discuss Cannondale taking over the lead sponsor title at Liquigas (articlearticle)
  • Pat McQuaid and the UCI does its best impression of a flip-flopping politician, and decides maybe truth and reconciliation isn’t such a good idea after all (article)
  • Hein Verbruggan does his best grumpy old/senile man, and gives a crazy-pants interview (article)
  • Verbruggan/McQuaid sue Kimmage (article)
  • Operacion Puerto trial begins (article)



  • We discuss what it means to wear the rainbow jersey, and this obsession cycling fans have with “respecting it.” Plus Nibali’s valiant attempt and Gilbert’s emphatic win.

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