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Episode 29: Grumpy Old Man

Jeff is back again this week, and Anna gets distracted by the color maroon, we discuss why Anna would make a terrible professional cyclist (besides the obvious), and she declares herself the Jan Ullrich of podcasting. Plus, Jeff casts the role of Hein Vebruggen in the upcoming cycling movie!


  • First, we discuss Cannondale taking over the lead sponsor title at Liquigas (articlearticle)
  • Pat McQuaid and the UCI does its best impression of a flip-flopping politician, and decides maybe truth and reconciliation isn’t such a good idea after all (article)
  • Hein Verbruggan does his best grumpy old/senile man, and gives a crazy-pants interview (article)
  • Verbruggan/McQuaid sue Kimmage (article)
  • Operacion Puerto trial begins (article)



  • We discuss what it means to wear the rainbow jersey, and this obsession cycling fans have with “respecting it.” Plus Nibali’s valiant attempt and Gilbert’s emphatic win.

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Episode 16: Where We Talk About the Things You’re Sick Of

Despite there being nothing of note that came out in the cycling world this past week, we found something to talk about. KIDDING. We actually spent the whole hour and a half talking about the topics you’re sick to death of- Lance and the Schlecks. Okay, maybe not the whole time. Also, I profess guilt at not including women in the podcast- I hate the thought of them being reduced to a side note in the men’s podcast. However, a new podcast devoted solely to women’s racing has just been launched by @_Pigeons_ and @entendered. So head over to their blog and check out women’s cycling!


  • We spend a lot of time talking about and dissecting the Lance accusations that just came out. Jeff calls Horner a strange man.
  • We’re happy Bert signed with Saxo Bank for 3 1/2 years article
  • Liquigas is caught between a rock and hard place when it comes to putting Nibali in races, what with his announcement that he will be leaving
  • Hincapie will be retiring. It doesn’t mean much to me, but it might mean something to others. And Jeff thought Hincapie was a jerk. article
  • The US Olympic selection was announced and Jeff’s string of bad predictions continues. And I talk about how guilty I feel that we don’t cover women’s cycling in our show. So check out @_Pigeons_ and @entendered’s new women’s cycling podcast and make me feel better.


  • Tour de Suisse: Sagan has no fear while he’s kicking ass and it’s like he takes a dragster to a Formula 1 race.
  • Ster ZLM Toer: I don’t t even know what country this race is in, but all I know is that Cav lost twice.
  • Tour de France: We feel bad for Andy and RadioShack and wonder at the irony that he’ll now be riding the Veulta with Contador. We felt sorry for Chris for a couple of minutes.

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Episode 15: We Read So You Don’t Have To

This week we talk about superteams, rumors, and about how Jeff can’t read.

Rumor Mill:

  • Will the Schlecks go back to Riis while Contador goes back to Bruyneel? Anna says unlikely. link

“Real” news:

  • Sorry Taylor- we pick Dave Z for the Olympics. link Also, Taylor, you were awesome during TourChats!
  • Is this current trend of airing dirty laundry in public a new thing, or has it been around for awhile? link BONUS: Jeff does a crazy pronunciation.
  • We wonder where the line is between hard man and stupid man (Theo Bos rode with a broken back link)


  • Neither of us paid attention to Tour of Luxembourg. But Anna did notice that Jakob Fugulsang and his amazing dimples won. Also, we discuss Anna’s obsession with cycling.
  • Are we, as a cycling community, part of the problem when it comes to making the Tour the Holy Grail of cycling? Therefore, we’ve decided to ignore the Tour on this podcast (JUST KIDDING).
  • Dauphine: It’s half Dauphine and half Tour talk. Mostly we obsess about Andy and Wiggins. And we crack the case on why Wiggins couldn’t try the skinsuit for size.

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Episode 14: We Get Punchy

This week, Jeff (@c_fiddy), the semi-regular co-host, joins the ‘cast again to talk about rumors, noisy Italian dinners, Astana hiring pushers for hills, and some racing. The longer you stay, the crazier we get!

Pelotonitis rumor mill!

  • Unrest in the Italian camp! We contemplate Italian bargaining tactics, give props to Pinotti for having grace in the face of rumors, and Jeff explains to Anna how the Olympics work.
  • Contador rumors! Leaving Saxo Bank? Starting a Spanish team? Going to Omega Pharma?? Who the eff knows.


  • Giro d’Italia: winners and losers, Cav listens to the podcast and we plead with him to leave a comment, Anna hopes Cipo doesn’t listen because she’s not nice to him, old host Dan (@DanKalbacher) gets props for calling Guardini the next big thing, Stage 20 made Anna SO ANGRY but Jeff doesn’t understand, OF course we give De Gendt props (even though Anna was too angry to pay attention), and Anna cannot get over Vino’s lack of eyebrows (these things all relate to the Giro, I promise).
  • US Pro Championships: After we moan about the video coverage, we talk about how awesome Tim Duggan is.

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Episode 11: If Nibbles Goes, I Go

After an unintended and forced hiatus, Pelotonitis Podcast is BACK, baby. This week, Jeff Chandler (@c_fiddy) and I tackle tough subjects, such as, will the world end if Nibbles leaves Liquigas and is Jeff also powerless against Jakob’s dimples? And Jeff also makes Anna choose between Boonen, Taylor and Nibbles. The choice is obvious.


  • We are forced to contemplate the unthinkable: Nibali leaving Liquigas link link Jeff wagers it won’t happen and will buy Anna a cap from his new team if Nibbles does move.
  • Is charging to watch road races going against the spirit of the sport? link
  • In the “shocking news” department, comes Richie Porte’s statement that he feels more at home on Sky than Saxo Bank link
  • Also in the “shocking news” department, Jakob Fugulsang is probably going to leave RadioShack link
  • In the “extremely cocky” department, Alberto Contador says he still thinks of the 2011 as “his” link
  • You may not remember Jan Ullrich, but he’s been through some tough times link


  • Giro d’Italia: Fast becoming Anna’s favorite Grand Tour, her massive fangirl crush on Taylor Phinney is evident as we moan poor Taylor’s luck.
  • Tour of California: May’s other supremely important race. Jeff make a BOLD prediction and if he’s right, Anna will buy him a cap from that player’s team. Or maybe not.

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