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Episode 94: Goodbyes

We say goodbye to Andy Schleck and the racing season, as we reminisce about Andy Schleck and recap Worlds and Lombardia. We also wonder if we’ll look back and see Oleg as the “Idea Man” who saves cycling and discuss whether Astana is playing the UCI and MPCC.

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Episode 30: Talkin’ Shit

We give Skype high fives, we talk shit about things we don’t know anything about, and generally ramble on.


  • Vaughters supports Kimmage (link) and speculates that people aren’t speaking out because they’re afraid of the consequences.
  • Kimmage is energized by this support (give here!).
  • Jeff likes to pay his bills late. Or at least not early. Just like USADA (link). And honestly, why are we even talking about this stuff anyway, when we actually have no idea what is really going on??


  • Stefan Wyman is using the power of social media to collect donations to support the women’s team he owns and manages. Donate here! Anna convinces Jeff that this is actually a good idea.


  • Basso and Pozzato to BankBank?? (link)


  • We talk about Bert winning Milano-Torino, Lombardia, and the newly revealed Giro route.

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