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Episode 61: The Morality of Doping

Cookson is already making a good impression. Who knows what the future will bring, but for now, Cookson is doing okay by us. []

We take it as a good sign that Gilbert is willing to appeal to the UCI to lessen the racing load [CyclingNews]

Perhaps Twitter should take a step back and consider how their reactions against alleged doped riders might contribute to their mental breakdown before they go patting themselves on the back too hard over saving Santambrogio []

We round out the ‘cast with some cyclocross! We do a brief overview of the season so far.

  • Check out the #Svenness videos by @CXHairs for some cool looks into cyclocross tactics.
  • Calendar of UCI races, in US and overseas, here.
  • Calendar of cyclocross races happening around the US, here.

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Episode 52: Weather, Sprints, and Climbs – Giro ’13

Jeff and Anna prove to be the best podcast hosts by not watching any of the stages this week! (not really, we watched most of them).

Basically we just talk about the Giro and it is awesome.

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