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Episode 39: 2012 Cycling Moments

In this special (short) episode, we talk about some the 2012 cycling moments that helped make the season memorable for us!

In Anna’s (very) unscientific survey, there were a few moments that quite a few people mentioned.

  • Tom Boonen’s win at Paris-Roubaix

  • Ryder winning the Giro
  • The Olympics- Vos’ emotional win and Taylor’s oh-so-close 4th

Then there’s the race that got Anna’s vote: Milan-Sanremo. Watching Nibali, Cancellara and Gerrans duke it out until the end, and cross the line with the peloton snapping at their heels- amazing!

Other, smaller moments that got votes:

  • Iljo Kaisse and the Tour of Turkey- slipping his chain in the last 2km, yet still managing to hold off the peloton and take the stage (at 6:50)

  • Stage 17 of the Veulta (one of Anna’s favs), when Rodriguez finally cracked and Contador took an emotional win

  • Stage 8 of the Tour, when Madiot freaked out over Pinot’s win

  • Stage 15 of the Giro, when Rabottini refuses let Rodriguez take away his solo breakaway efforts

All of these moments helped make 2012 an awesome year for cycling. We can’t wait for the new season to start and make more moments!


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Updated Episode 23: Doper’s Paradise

Note: iTunes wasn’t picking up the correct URL for Episode 23, so I’m reposting it in hope that it fixes itself.

JV saves us from another week of talking only about Lance and his doping problems and gives a chance to talk about OTHER people’s doping problems! Anna gets distracted by shiny objects and Jeff calls BMX mountain biking’s ADD cousin.


  • We get Lance and his mess out of the way. VeloNation has a great article summing up the whole mess as it stands now. McQuaid swears he’s not trying to save Lance’s ass and right now it’s McQuaid versus the world.
  • Silly season! There seems to be an exodus from Liquigas happening. Nerz and Oss are going to BMC and Capecchi and Smyzd are moving to Movistar. And speaking of Liqugas, as Timmy Duggan been a beast this season, or what?? A great silly season scorecard to help keep track of rumors and signings.
  • And lastly, we talk about Jonathan Vaughter’s New York Times article where he admits to doping and outlines how he sees cycling can get better.


  • We wrap up the Olympics with talk of BMX and what happened on the track. Jeff see Laura Trott as the new Sarah Hammer (Inner Ring article on British funding of track cycling). We then talk about doping in the Olympics- what would drive a race walker to dope and why doesn’t any suspect Usain Bolt of doping (except this guy)?

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Episode 21: Pants Optional

It’s our 21st Birthday! So, we’re drinking. Or at least I am. Plus, it’s a pants optional episode! Now that the Tour is over, we are at a lose as to what to talk about. But thankfully, the Olympics saved us.


  • We talk about two Cyclocosm articles. First we agree that the Tour should bring back bonus seconds (article), Jeff classifies fans as classics/one day fans or stage race fans- each think the other is boring, then we talk about the “new cycling reality” (article).
  • Will Cav stay, or will he go? Who could afford him? Article


  • We discuss why people hate Vino (he didn’t say sorry and we don’t like that), why Team GB didn’t win and what they did wrong, and Jeff gives us a primer on Track cycling. CyclingTips gives a primer on the different track events and Yahoo Sports gives an overview of changes this year.

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Episode 16: Where We Talk About the Things You’re Sick Of

Despite there being nothing of note that came out in the cycling world this past week, we found something to talk about. KIDDING. We actually spent the whole hour and a half talking about the topics you’re sick to death of- Lance and the Schlecks. Okay, maybe not the whole time. Also, I profess guilt at not including women in the podcast- I hate the thought of them being reduced to a side note in the men’s podcast. However, a new podcast devoted solely to women’s racing has just been launched by @_Pigeons_ and @entendered. So head over to their blog and check out women’s cycling!


  • We spend a lot of time talking about and dissecting the Lance accusations that just came out. Jeff calls Horner a strange man.
  • We’re happy Bert signed with Saxo Bank for 3 1/2 years article
  • Liquigas is caught between a rock and hard place when it comes to putting Nibali in races, what with his announcement that he will be leaving
  • Hincapie will be retiring. It doesn’t mean much to me, but it might mean something to others. And Jeff thought Hincapie was a jerk. article
  • The US Olympic selection was announced and Jeff’s string of bad predictions continues. And I talk about how guilty I feel that we don’t cover women’s cycling in our show. So check out @_Pigeons_ and @entendered’s new women’s cycling podcast and make me feel better.


  • Tour de Suisse: Sagan has no fear while he’s kicking ass and it’s like he takes a dragster to a Formula 1 race.
  • Ster ZLM Toer: I don’t t even know what country this race is in, but all I know is that Cav lost twice.
  • Tour de France: We feel bad for Andy and RadioShack and wonder at the irony that he’ll now be riding the Veulta with Contador. We felt sorry for Chris for a couple of minutes.

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Episode 14: We Get Punchy

This week, Jeff (@c_fiddy), the semi-regular co-host, joins the ‘cast again to talk about rumors, noisy Italian dinners, Astana hiring pushers for hills, and some racing. The longer you stay, the crazier we get!

Pelotonitis rumor mill!

  • Unrest in the Italian camp! We contemplate Italian bargaining tactics, give props to Pinotti for having grace in the face of rumors, and Jeff explains to Anna how the Olympics work.
  • Contador rumors! Leaving Saxo Bank? Starting a Spanish team? Going to Omega Pharma?? Who the eff knows.


  • Giro d’Italia: winners and losers, Cav listens to the podcast and we plead with him to leave a comment, Anna hopes Cipo doesn’t listen because she’s not nice to him, old host Dan (@DanKalbacher) gets props for calling Guardini the next big thing, Stage 20 made Anna SO ANGRY but Jeff doesn’t understand, OF course we give De Gendt props (even though Anna was too angry to pay attention), and Anna cannot get over Vino’s lack of eyebrows (these things all relate to the Giro, I promise).
  • US Pro Championships: After we moan about the video coverage, we talk about how awesome Tim Duggan is.

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Episode 7: Boonen Bonanza!

After life got in the way of our podcast last week, we had a ton of racing to catch up on! Milan-Sanremo, E3, Gent Wevelgem, 3 Days of De Panne… Plus there was Boonen to moon over.


  • (1:40) Apparently Trek-Livestrong (now Bontrager-Livestrong) and Chipotle Development were denied invitations to ATOC last year as well, based on having the same paying agent- but Trek-Livestrong was the only team to fix up the management issue so it could ride again this year… (CyclingNews article)
  • (5:55) Wiggins and Cav will be making their debut together at the Tour of Romandie, not the Tour de France like everyone assumed (CyclingNews article)
  • (10:20) Brailsforth says it’s unrealistic to achieve yellow, green and Olympic gold for Cav and Wiggins, but of course Cav disagrees. (VeloNation article 1, article 2)


  • (18:00) A week late, but definitely not a dollar short, Milan-Sanremo
    • Should the rainbow jersey wearer always be an all-arounder?
    • Should Sky have given EBH more support? Is Sky wasting EBH’s talent? Or is EBH wasting his?
    • What does it even mean, “the strongest rider should win?” Did the strongest rider win?
    • If the race ends in a bunch sprint, is it really a race at all??
    • All these questions, AND MORE answered in this segment.
  • (36:05) Daniel talks about E3 Prijs Harelbeke, because Anna didn’t watch it.
  • (39:30) Gent-Wevelgem
    • Can’t all sprints be described as chaotic?? Anna thinks so.
    • Fabian’s a bit of a one trick pony
    • Is 2012 Boonen the 2011 Gilbert?? Time will tell…
  • (51:30) Briefly, Criterium International and 3 Days of De Panne

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