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FIRST LOOK: Garmin-Sharp 2014 Kit

Do I love it? Why yes I do! While the front of the kit is basically last year’s kit with a white band instead of a black one (a simple, classic, yet slightly boring, design), that BACK! I love the new design on the back of the kit. I really can’t put my finger on what I love about the kit, but I think it has to do with the color arrangement- the way the red pops against the white, that Cervelo “é”. It’s going to look so good on the camera. And they seem to be taking our advice of making the back more distinctive than the front- as that’s all we see in the peloton!

A+ job, Garmin!


New Kit! Movistar

Hard to believe the new cycling season is just around the corner. While the off season seems to last ages for us fans, I imagine it seems a lot shorter for the riders, who probably only get 2 months, if that, of off season. But I imagine this makes it easier to keep race weight, as there is less time to stuff one’s face.

But, honestly, the real reason I love the start of a new season is the reveal of the of new/updated kits. I don’t know if other sports change kits as much as cycling does, but I love how the look of the peloton changes every year. The design of  a kit can determine whether or not your team stands out in the technicolor of the peloton. The difference between a boring/uninspired kit and a well designed kit is the difference between blending into the masses and being easily identifiable. As the new kit designs start coming out, I love seeing what teams come up with. Also, I love judging them.

So, without further ado, my first kit review of the season.

While the Movistar kit is, again, nothing too exciting, I have to say I prefer the 2013 version to the 2012 version.

Andrey Amador models the new kit

To me, the kit looks black, but the website calls it “a darker blue.” Either way, I much prefer the darker background to the weird navy/not navy blue of 2012 (even thought I do like the blue/green combo!).

Ventoso- 2011 kit

Ventoso- 2011 kit

Also I can’t tell, but it seems like the strange white marking on the side and arm are gone too. While it was an interesting effect (it was even more pronounced in the 2011 kits. Really glad that was left to the dogs), it looked a little bit too much like they had their shoulders and arms wrapped up with Spidertech tape to work.

Score: 6/10 It’s not offensive, it’s an improvement over last year’s kit, but it’s not that interesting overall. They’re not going to really stand out in the peloton, unless they have the lime green helmets again! But I’m withholding judgement until I see their national champs kits- the 2012 rendition was not inspiring.