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Episode 26: The Optimists Club (now Lance Free!)

Marianne and I do our best Pollyanna attempt and try to look on the bright side of cycling. Also, we declare this a Lance-free episode! But we still can’t escape doping, as Tyler Hamilton’s new tell-all memoir comes out.

Before the show notes, here are all the articles I’ve collected on the Lance developments since our last recording:

  • Sheryl Crow questioned in the Lance investigation article
  • Why are we, as humans, so opposed to performance enhancement? And where are the boundaries? article
  • After Phil Liggett’s apperance defending Lance, Michael Ashenden writes him an open letter article
  • Mike Anderson, Lance’s mechanic, talks about life with Lance and how he used his power and influence for evil article
  • How Lance is able preserve his image article
  • Changing their minds, yet again, UCI says it won’t be afraid to sanction Lance article
  • USADA says it’s in possession of positive samples article
  • What if Lance would’ve had to testify at Floyd’s trail? article
  • For some, the lies overshadow the good article


  • We discuss Hamilton’s tell all memoir and how it must feel for him (A Bonnie D. Ford preview)
  • We talk about Jorg Jaksche (without butchering his name too badly!) and his reflection of his own experiences doping, and confessing to said doping (article)
  • We are concerned by Vaughters’ outing of the doping done by some of his riders- do they know he did that? (based on his Twitter feed, no, he did not mean to out them- he just got carried away)
  • Anna wonders if knowing someone doped, or is doping, changes how you feel about watching them race
  • As eternal optimists, we hate the idea of “once a doper, always a doper”


  • Marianne says “I told you so,” as Andy says he won’t be back racing again (article)
  • Contador seems to be playing hardball, by refusing to race the UCI’s baby (the Tour of Beijing) if he won’t earn points there (article)
  • Poor BMC- Cadel ends his season (article). But even though their “superstars” are no-hitters this season, many of the B team are doing really well!
  • Bradley didn’t enjoy the Tour- neither did we, but for different reasons (article). And Anna talks about how every forgets Nibali did the same thing Contador is doing (albeit with less success).


  • We give mad props to Cam Meyer (who’s left to rest up for Worlds) and Thomas De Gendt for being breakaway superstars. We then discuss how the Vuelta is less breakaway friendly than the Tour.
  • We love Contador’s attitude about the Vuelta. We wonder how no one had to get off their bikes and walk up some of those gradients and why Rodriguez let Contador get away on stage 17. And other awesome Vuelta things.

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