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Episode 75: #MSR- best or worst Monument?

We marvel at the number 75, dissect Milan-Sanremo and decide it’s actually an awesome Monument (as long as the weather is bad!), and decode Dawrs Door Vlaanderen.

Those Damn Yankees

American Tirreno-Adriatico finishers:

  • Andrew Talansky (Garmin): 17th
  • Ben King (Garmin): 21st
    • 8th in Points competition
    • 7th in Mountains competition
    • 5th in Young Rider competition

American Paris-Nice finishers:

  • Peter Stetina (BMC): 46th
  • Alex Howes (Garmin): 51st
  • Matt Busche (Trek): 55th

American Milan-Sanremo finishers:

  • Kiel Riejnan (UHC): 77th (read his blog about the race here)
  • Chris Jones (UHC): 109th
  • Lucas Euser (UHC): DNF


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Episode 74: #Tirreno, #ParisNice and Hypocracy!

We wrap up Paris-Nice, talk about how AMAZING Contador is at Tirreno-Adriatico, and marvel at the GALL of Steve Johnson (Lance Armstrong’s buddy and USA Cycling President) asking US cyclists to cooperate with CIRC.

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Episode 47: The Gang’s All Here for Milan-Sanremo!

We get the whole gang together to talk about Milan-Sanremo! And what a race it was, huh?? It’s fast becoming Anna’s favorite spring race. We also discuss the “paperboy technique” employed by many on stage 6 of Tirreno-Adriatco and Anna gets her ranty-pants on over people being rude. Plus, the trials of being Andy Schleck.

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Episode 46: Paris-Nice recap

We recap an exciting edition of Paris-Nice! Anna was excited to see one of her picks actually be at the top and Jeff does his best to drive away our Australian listeners. We also talk about the exciting racing of Tirrreno as well!


  • VeloVoices always do great recaps.
  • Cosmo must have a lot of time on his hands lately, or he’s excited about the new season, because he has another How The Race Was Won for Paris-Nice.
  • Inner Ring’s analysis of the race and Talansky’s attacks.
  • Porte says he’s fine being a domestique [VeloNation]

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Episode 6: Dan has a man crush


  • Apparently Cipollini is aspiring for a comeback. We think it’s because he misses his youth. Also, Anna still does not want to sleep with him. And if you suggest it to her, she will punch you. (CyclingNews article) (0:20)
  • The breakaway league that’s not really a breakaway league. (CyclingNews article) Anna attempts to explain it, but perhaps fails miserably. (2:42)
  • Amgen Tour of California bigs itself up again by claiming to have assembled the “most prestigious field of talent ever.” This is not the way to make Europe love you, AToC. (VeloNation article) (7:05)
    • And apparently the quasi development team of Radioshack, Bontranger Livestrong, has some of that talent, as it was chosen over other awesome US teams (such as Team Type 1 or Jelly Belly or Jamis-Sutter Homes….). Conspiracy? Cronism? Indeed. (VeloNation article)
    • Great article explaining the intricacies of the problem by UCI Overlord on Cyclismas.


  • Paris-Nice: Levi crashes a lot, LL Cool Sanchez dares beat Jens, Wiggins may or may not win the Tour now. (18:40)
  • Terrino-Adriatico: Unrest in the Liquigas camp! But Anna will always be loyal to Nibbles. Riders get shit for pulling out early, even though it’s not a new thing. (31:20)
  • Milan-Sanremo: Anna actually talks strategy, but still won’t predict a winner (38:05)

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