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Episode 59: Welcome to the SlackerCast!

Note: sorry for the bad sound quality- both of our mics weren’t set up right!

We prove ourselves to be the laziest podcast by talking about races we didn’t watch or follow.

We discuss how a 3 week stage race in the US is a looooong way off.

We wonder if we don’t get Bradly Wiggins because we’re not British.[VeloNation]

We compare Phil and Paul to math teachers who’ve been teaching for 40 years and can’t seem to find a new script.

We get excited about all the young riders having good runs in the US races, PLUS all the younger American riders going to bigger teams next year!

Anna comes up with a clever classification for the GTs: The Giro is sophisticated mother, the Tour is the overbearing father, and the Vuelta is the red-headed stepchild. Anna also confesses her shock that Nibali is actually a winning rider.

The pundits CONTINUE to put Basso as a Vuelta threat and we continue to be amazed by this.

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